Restaurant assessment

Reception, service and the table can be assessed in a surprise visit, within the context of a meal alone or with other people.

Relaunching a restaurant

Building creation

We will be able to contribute our ideas on plans, etc.

Supporting renovation and construction work

We can advise you during site supervision…

Interior decor

We can create your own personalised domain, including floors, walls, ceilings and furniture.

Inspecting the competition

We can assess the competition, make a report on them and present the integration of your company into the context.

Relaunching a restaurant.

Bringing creativity to the menu

Creativity linked to the surroundings, the seasons, local produce, etc.

Creating a wine cellar

Revising the wine list on the basis of different aspects in the surroundings.

Supporting personnel through the change

Coaching personnel in the new concept, brushing up on skills.

Adapting rates

Providing rates which are closer to reality and the competition.


Giving management options to optimise profitability to a maximum.

Health and safety

Training staff in issues of health and safety in the food chain, HACCP.

Creating a website

Become known through the internet, presenting the company's strengths. Contacting former customers.

Creating advertising leaflets.

Photo reportage, text and possibly translation


We can translate menus and other documents into several languages.

Room management

Support in managing the reservation book. Cleaning, schedule, etc.